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It was our honour to be the guest of CMS Slovenia and to share our experience on this topic. We enjoyed every minute and hope that the audience found it helpful and informative. 

If you are about to read more on the most common mistakes, you can always find our publications here. We would also be delighted to welcome you amongst our followers on LinkedIn, so you would not miss out on any of our forthcoming publications. Stay tuned. 

As a follow-up of the PODIM conference 2021, another article appeared on the new model for entrepreneurship, where we are also mentioned. 

Honestly speaking, that is still a question mark if this is an ultimate solution or just the immediate answer given by the large corporates to the spreading of start-ups and the related new narratives. But one thing is sure: we are looking forward to participate and contribute in these discussions.

We are invited to one of the best tech & start up event of Europe (in Maribor, Slovenia – but this year as a hybrid event) to speak in the panel related to corporate venturing. (More information about PODIM here).  Looking forward to participate and contribute. 

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